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Freak Week 2014!

That favorite time of year for many is upon us - it’s almost Halloween!! UIB is celebrating with a few great events this week, like Bingo, pumpkin painting, and showing scary movies. Tonight was The Amazing Traveling Circus Sideshow, with some pretty crazy stuff!

Sword swallowing makes me cringe, but I love watching it. Personally my chef’s knife still scares me when I have to handle it by the blade, so I don’t think I could do what this guy does!

He had several acts to show off, like a ladder of swords, walking across glass, and then worse - walking across LEGOS.

When it was about time for the grand finale, he lied on a bed of nails. Excuse me, not just nails. Nine-inch nails. Not crazy enough? Oh, okay. Let’s just have someone stand right on top of him.

Or, we could just crush a cinder block on his chest.

I’m pretty sure I was sitting with a pained expression on my face during the whole act.

UIB’s doing an awesome job with putting everything together this week, and it’s not over if you’re on the Providence campus! If you’ve got some spare time this week, come “garnish a gourd” in Gaebe tomorrow or see Sinister in the Wildcat lounge and get in the Halloween mood.

I’ll be celebrating Halloween in Philly with the Campus Herald during the Associated Collegiate Press convention, and I’m pretty excited. Hope you all have a blast and stay safe this Halloween, Wildcats!