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This Week at JWU Denver: Just Call Me Rita Skeeter

This week leading up to Halloween is Frightmare Week here at Johnson & Wales Denver. The theme of Frightmare? POTTER PALOOZA.


Let me just say: Bless the Campus Activities Board.

As a HUGE Potter fan, I was so psyched when I learned that the wizarding world world would be getting some love here at JWU. As you can see, our week is going to be filled with things like Butterbeer, Quidditch, and Honeydukes. We’ll even see a little Daily Prophet action and, for the Death Eaters out there, some Dark Mark tattoos.

Our Potter-themed week will be culminating on Thursday with the Monster Mash costume dance. On Halloween day, JWU will be partnering up with the Denver Police for Trick or Treat Street, an event to help provide a safe place for kids to Trick or Treat!

Okay, needless to say this week is going to be such a blast and I know you guys are just as excited as me, so stay tuned! This is Rita Skeeter from the Daily Prohet Ashlee, from JWU Denver, signing off!