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How is it about to be Week 8?!

Hi everyone!!

I hope everyone’s week was just as fabulous and yummy as mine — for some reason…most of my excitement this week was revolved around food :O

This past Wednesday, we had an event at Ladder 133 with all of the sororities on campus. It was to raise money for Panhellenic Council (the council that runs the 5 sororities on campus). It was so fun and delicious obviously…below is a picture of some of my pledge sisters and me there! They also had music bingo which was actually VERY competitive to say the least…


This weekend was great - I hung out with my sorority for most of it as well as catching up on homework and projects since Week 8 and 9 are approaching!! I am currently in the library getting ahead in work and projects so I am not overwhelmed in the last few weeks of the trimester. Before I came to the library, my friend Shelby and I stopped at an amazing café, Small Point, and I got an amazing sandwich (pictured below) - it was to die for!


Looking forward to the week ahead - my sorority has our annual Jail Bail event for PCAA (Prevent Child Abuse America), I will be sure to upload and update lots of pictures from our event. Look out for ‘Halloweekend’ pics as well ;)