JWU Student Blogs


Last weekend I went to Waterfire with a few friends! I almost didn’t go because it was so cold outside, but I am glad that i did! It was something different, but a good different! They have food vendors as well as other items for sale. They also offer gondola rides! It’s a unique event that I recommend at least attending to once in your life!

Family weekend has come to an end as my family leaves today back to California! My mom and brother, JohnRoss, came out to visit me, and I absolutely loved having them here! This was the first time my brother has seen Johnson & Wales University and the town of Providence. He and I bonded all weekend, which was really nice because I missed him!

For the parade, I was apart of the Snowden Hall float. It was so much fun meeting new people that lived in my hall and being apart of the parade! There was a lot of energy and good vibes that day! After the parade, we attended the food demonstrations. From the cakes on the first floor to the duck and chicken samples on the top floor with food demonstrations in between, the food was absolutely incredible! I had never been in the culinary building before, so it was a neat experience. After the food demonstrations, my mom wanted a photo at the wildcat statue (shown above). This is my favorite photo from the weekend by far!