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Eating Out in Denver: The Kitchen

Several weeks ago, my roommate, suite mate and I were craving a taste of the Denver culinary scene. Where did we go? After much time debating, we decided on The Kitchen. We were attracted by the descriptions of their seasonable farm-to-table menu and straightforward preparation dishes. Spoiler alert: the food was incredible.

For our appetizers, we got the peach bruschetta and garlic fries. The bruschetta was tasty and the garlic fries were wayyy too yummy!


For my entree, I decided to splurge and get the Coho Salmon… and oh man am I glad I did! It was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten! It had nice, crispy skin and was served on top of succotash and a tomato and basil pistou, which was what actually really made the dish.


We had struck up a conversation with our waiter about JWU and how all three of us are attending for Culinary, which led to the incredible kind of act of our waiting bringing us not one, but two free desserts (because we had a “tough road ahead of us…” Such is the culinary life.) Woah. I still appreciate it and it’s been about two weeks since that night!

He brought us the “Chocolate Nemesis” which had an incredible smooth texture and a decadent, dark chocolate taste and the “Tourteau” which was like a very light and moist angel food cake with a lovely peach sauce served over the top.image

Even though we were all so very full, we just had to eat up every bit of the Tourteau, it was so delicious!

The Kitchen’s prices were a bit high for us college students, but it was worth every dollar! Definitely a great option for a night of splurging!