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So. Much. Bread.

Good evening, JWU and Tumblr!

Hope you all are enjoying the first day of our weekend and, if you’re in Providence, this nice warm weather. I’m completely exhausted after my five-day week of labs. This morning was a pastry skills lab with Chef Cirstea, who demonstrated and then let us try our hand at baguettes. I’ve taken a bread class before at my previous college, but felt like I really needed help with my shaping and scoring skills so I was excited to take advantage of today’s practice lab.

I still can’t call myself an expert at baking bread, but with Chef Cirstea’s help I have a much better understanding of properly scoring a baguette. She worked with me on shaping and said it looked nice, so I left feeling pretty encouraged and excited to take Advanced Artisan Breads next tri!

These pastry skills labs are so useful to me, and I try to show up at every one I can. It can be painful to get up early when everyone else is sleeping in, but learning a ton (and walking out at 1 pm with a few loaves of fresh-baked bread) is always worth it.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Wildcats!