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A little love goes a long way

While I know I’ve posted twice in one day, I think this important, so bear with me :).

This morning a classmate of mine was in distress. During the quiet tension of the class taking a test, I couldn’t help but notice her soft crying. In the midst of her obvious discountenance finishing my test suddenly didn’t seem so important. My bubbly classmate had a demeanor of utter defeat as she relayed her situation to our chef. From the moment our instructor took the time to sit and listen to what upset her I remembered the stress in her voice as she told me about the set backs her family faced with a member’s pending wedding. With less than 48 hours and still no flowers to speak of, it would have been easy for our chef to do nothing more than empathize and comfort my classmate with hollow condolences then ask her to resume her test. But to my surprise and admiration, he chose no such route. With a determined expression, the man that we pay to teach us reached out to help one of his students, not questions asked.

Now, I have been asked by many incoming students why I chose Johnson & Wales out of so many other possible universities. And while my answers have always been true, today I discovered the real reason why this school is my home. When teachers go above and beyond and use their years of experience and connections to, in an essence, rescue one of their students, that is when I know I have chosen not only a school but an industry that truly is a community.

So, for you readers out there who are considering J & W, consider how much more you will receive than just an education.

Love and Happy Eating,