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Hello JWU and tumblr!

Since this is the first post among many, I’d like to start out by introducing myself. My name is Ayo, which means joy in Nigerian. I am currently finishing my associates in Culinary Arts and plan on starting Culinary Nutrition come this winter trimester. I love food and I love people, so if you see me around campus don’t hesitate to say hi!

So in a nutshell, this is a blog will focus on the beauty of the growing food scene in Providence, RI and the plethora of ingredients that can be found here. Every week I will focus on an Ingredient of the Week, explain a little about it’s origins, and give some pointers of how you as students can use this ingredient in your dorms! Once a month I will highlight a local restaurant, with everything from where it is to best selling items on the menu, and of course lots of pictures. Every post will be written in the form of a love letter to you, the readers. Keep an eye out for interactive posts, I want to hear from you all as well! I hope you are as excited as I am to fuel your passion for food and discover RI in all its glory.

until next time,