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Another busy few days as a tourist!

This past weekend I was able to see the first Watefire of the season which was also my last :( It was always great fun to kick of the start of a school year with a stroll downcity during Waterfire. There’s music, pop up carts selling food, live entertainment, and a good night with friends. I got dinner at the famous Haven Bros food truck that has been featured on Man vs. Food. It’s in the same spot, every night, and it had to be one of my favorite burgers, yum!

Also that weekend, I took a day trip to Newport. As a JWU student you get to ride RIPTA for free, so my hour bus ride came at no cost. Luckily the weather held up and I got to enjoy the Newport Mansions. They have different tier tickets but I went with the Breakers Plus One for $24.50. I got to tour the famous Breakers Mansion and I opted to tour the Marble House. You really have to see them to believe it, absolutely stunning!

This Sunday I went to Boston for another trip. I’ve been to Boston so many times but have never done the one thing I actually wanted to do, the Freedom Trail. Parts of the trail cost extra admission money but you can obviously walk the trail for free. It starts in Boston Common which is absolutely beautiful and goes on for 2.5 miles, so wear comfy shoes! You pass by old state houses, famous churches, the graves of famous Americans, and it brings you to a statue of Paul Revere and the very church where he lit the candles to warn of the British, 1 if by land 2 if by sea. I love history and seeing history books come to live so I thoroughly enjoyed it! I even got a delicious burgers at one of the oldest taverns in Boston. Cheers to that!

I think sometimes one can forget how beautiful our surroundings are when we’re stuck in one place for most of the time. I personally think Providence is really brown, but Newport is beautiful I was born in New York and live a simple train ride from the city, and I think I’d rather spend the day in Boston, sh don’t tell my family! Don’t forget to explore what’s around you! and definitely span it out over 4 years and not trying to cram it into a few weekends!