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A few weekends ago I got to cross something off my bucket list, a trip to Vermont! Active members of the Baking & Pastry Arts Club got to celebrate the end of the year with a trip to the Cabot Factory and Ben & Jerry’s Factory in Vermont!

We all boarded the bus bright and early at 7 AM but all excited. I’ve spent quite a bit of time driving through states and I have to say, Vermont has the best view!

Our fist stop was the Cabot Creamery. We learned all about how they make cheese and other products and how the co-op is made up of family farms. I feel better buying Cabot now that I know my money goes directly to the farmers! And of course, what good does learning about cheese get you when you can’t try it? Free samples!

Our next stop, and my bucket list item, was Ben & Jerry’s. A little fact about me, I am obsessed with cows. I love them, I collect anything cow related, they’re my favorite animal. It all started because my aunt and uncle had bought me a cow from their trip to Ben & Jerry’s before I was born. He was always with me when I was little and he is right here in my dorm room at 22. It has always been my dream to take him back “home” and I got to do that! I’m sure everyone was thinking why does this girl have an old ratty cow with her! We got to learn all about how Ben & Jerry started their business and their involvement with the fair trade movement, see the making of the new Core line (which are delicious!) and explore the factory. I even bought one of their new cows :)

I was a part of this club since the beginning of my Freshman year and unfortunately my time is done. I had such a great time in it these past 4 years doing things like making caramel apples for a fundraiser, making decorative dough ornaments, baking for charities, learning business tips from chefs-including chefs who have been on tv!, and making great memories. I encourage all JWU students to look into it, even if you’re not pastry. It’s $10/tri or $25 for the year and that money goes towards ingredients and trips like this, it’s worth it!