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Our Day in Ferrara

On Friday May 2nd we visited the town of Ferrara. It was a beautiful town, but unfortunately, not a beautiful day. It was raining and cold, which affected the morale of the group for the walking tour. Our tour guide for some reason consistently had us standing in the rain, when there would be shelter twenty feet away. The castle that we saw, Castello Estense, had a moat, which was amazing. I have never seen an actual moat before, so this was awesome. There were also massive fish in the moat and we saw one. Our tour guide was very nice, but was almost giving too much information on all of the things that we were seeing; therefore it was hard to keep the groups attention. We saw the Ferrara Cathedral, which was huge and beautiful. Soon after leaving the Cathedral, we passed a McDonalds, and a few of the students were able to sneak off and get some food. I was able to steal a bite of a Big Mac, and it was the best Big Mac ever. We then proceeded in the rain, down one of the oldest streets in Ferrara to finish off our tour and head to lunch.

Lunch was absolutely delicious. We started with some ravioli and mushroom risotto. Yum yum yummy. I didn’t realize that we were getting more food, so I ate so much of the risotto. Then they brought out pork chops and potatoes. It was also fabulous. For dessert, we ate uncooked chocolate cake batter. I am kidding; I believe it was chocolate mouse or something along those lines. Whatever it was, it was really good, yet very rich, so I was unable to finish even half of it. It was a lovely restaurant, and as always, wonderful company. We then, once again, walked in the rain back to the bus to head back to the hotel in Bologna. We then had free time for the remainder of the night. It was a good day, but would have been so much better if it was not raining.