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It’s Raining ! I’m usually one to stay in on rainy days and watch movies but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit the city of Ferrara also known as the “Italian City of Art”. About an hour drive from where I was staying in Bologna my group and I met up with a tour-guide where we had a guided tour of the city. Unlike a lot of Italian cities Ferrara had broad streets and huge palaces dating back to the 14th and 15th century which made it very interesting to know that such a small and partially ruined city held on to its beauty and is so rich in history/culture. We had the opportunity to walk through the home of the D’Este monarchy, Castello Estense. What interest me the most out of the entire tour was the castle where Leonardo Da Vinci was a painter for many years and actually getting to stand on the oldest street in the city of Ferrara.

The rain did put a damper on our mood because we were walking and standing in it for the entire time we were there. We eventually got a break from it all and had lunch at a well known local restaurant not too far from the center of town. For our first course we had Risotto, not my favorite and tortellini stuffed with sweet potatoes which was surprisingly good. Our second course which I absolutely loved was pork chops and potatoes which was gone in .5 seconds. We said our goodbyes to our very informative tour guide and made our way back to our hotel in bologna. It was an overall great day despite the rain I would love to visit again when the weather is much nicer.

Dannielle McKnight