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One of the stops of our excursion was Bologna, which is the capital city in Emilia Romagna region. Bologna has a very noticeable feature which you can see the color of majority buildings’ walls are red, it is a symbolic meaning of Italian’s favoring party, the Communist party. When we entered the Piazza Maggiore, it was full of people and people were celebrating the Labor’s day. In the center of plaza, there was a stage built up for the music concert.

The Basilica di San Pertronio has a very complicate story. As I was told, this church had never finished its construction, only half of the walls were covered in marble. Because the Pope was confronted by the people of his excessive power, the construction was forced to stop. However, inside the church, there was a one of the world’s largest remaining sundial which is still able to indicate the accurate time and date.

Later, we visited the first university in Europe, the University of Bologna. But the more famous part of this site was the first lecture on human anatomy was given by Leonardo Da Vinci here in Anatomical Theater.
We also visited one of the most important city libraries in Italy, the Archiginnasio Library, which currently holds approximately eight hundred thousand books and where you could even find the first published books of Galileo.

It was a remarkable experience in Bologna, because this city was more diversified than I anticipated to. Even though it may not be as well-known as other major cities like Rome, Venice, Milan or Florence, once you stay there, you would find this city has a lot to offer!