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Journey to Parma

You can never really say you’ve been somewhere unless you have traveled. On the morning of April 29th, our IHTM group set out to travel for a five day trip towards the north of Italy, the Emilia Romania region. The first stop would be Parma the city of Parmesan cheese! We traveled for nine hours and finally arrived safely thanks to our amazing bus driver Liberato. As we settled into our new residence for the next two days, Hotel Button, we were quite amazed by how quaint this city was. All of the buildings were pastel colored with a multitude of yellow buildings. At 7:30pm we walked to a beautiful restaurant where the staff was waiting for our arrival to serve us an authentic northern Italian meal. The food was amazing, but the dessert… Oh how amazing Crème Caramel is.

We started our second day in Parma at 9:30 with an amazing tour guide Melanie, who is from Great Britain and told us the tourism major’s dream of traveling to another country to teach English and then falling in love. While on the tour we visited sites such as the Camera San Paolo, Teatro Farnese, and the Parma Duomo. Parma turned out to be such an amazing city with so much history and ties to France due to the monarch Napoleon. Nonetheless, it is no longer politically connected but still has the remembrances. Later on that day we ate lunch at the Taverna del Castello which is a restaurant overlooking the castle which we would later tour.


This was my first time traveling to the northern regions of Italy and it was absolutely mind blowing to see the difference of culture within one country. Northern Italy is far more strict and conservative of time where as southern Italy has a much more relaxed feel. The cuisines are based off of the resources available, for example, northern Italy cuisine is based off of a lot of meats and cheeses where as we can’t get enough of seafood in Castellemmare di Stabia. All in all this was a fantastic portion of our five day journey to northern Italy. We learned about the historical aspect of Italy and the many ties to other countries. As far as the hospitality is concerned, nothing beats Italian Hospitality!


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