JWU Student Blogs

Bologna by Rachel Henry

This past weekend our group was lucky enough to travel to the beautiful city of Bologna. It is located in Northern Italy in the region called Emilia Romagna. Upon arrival, we had no time to waste as our tour guide was waiting to show us around the this bustling area. In the small amount of ground we covered, our tour was filled with the wonderful history of such a large area. One landmark Bologna is known for are the two towers of Bologna. These two medieval towers stand as a symbol of this city. Both towers are leaning but the smaller one called Garisenda (the large called Torresotti) actually leans even more than the well known Leaning Tower of Pisa!

We then visited the San Petronio Basilica which was beautiful as a whole, however it contained the most outstanding piece of art that I have ever seen. Towards the alter off to the side is the Campianto sul Cristo Morto. Sculpted by Nicolò da Puglia in 1463 these figures depict the mourning of the death of Christ. The indescribable beauty of each figure brought forward so much emotion giving them the appearance of being life- like. It may seem strange coming from someone who has been lucky enough to see masterpieces like the Mona Lisa but this was by far the most impressive work of art I have ever witnessed.

We had the luck of arriving to Bologna on Labor Day, and experienced the celebrations in the square of local residents. Hundreds gathered in the square to peruse the tables of street vendors and dance along to live music.

This place truly impressed me with its quaint feel for such a big city, and its astounding beauty around every corner. Overall the first day in Bologna was rewarding with its vast amount of culture and the extensive amount of history behind every door.