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Croatia, or “Hervoski”.It’s a beautiful country located east of Italy and north of Greece right on the Adriatic Sea. Once ruled by Yugoslavia, Croatia recently declared their independence in 1991.We visited the seaside, Roman ruin filled town of Split (Dalmatia), where we had the pleasure of staying right in the heart of Diocletian’s Palace. Everyday, we woke up to a traditional Dalmatian men’s choir. Another unique thing about Split is that the entire city smells like lavender, which they are very well known for. If you aren’t familiar with the hit tv show “Game of Thrones”, a huge portion of the series is filmed in the city. They even offer game of thrones tours if you are a big enough fan to pay 120 euro. Speaking of currencies, a fun fact is that .18 cents (USA) is equal to 1 Croatian kuna!

On Friday, we took full advantage of the weather and hit the beach, and even took a dip into the Adriatic! We also shopped around the open air markets for souvenirs. Saturday, we took a boat tour to the island of Brac and enjoyed a traditional Croatian lunch with what other than seafood! The cuisine in Croatia is similar to southern Italy and Greece with a huge Eastern European influence. My favorite meal I enjoyed was fried squid, which is pictured above.

All in all, Croatia was one of my favorite places that I have had the opportunity to visit. I would recommend visiting it in the summer so you can take full advantage of the Dalmatian coast and national parks with all the cool waterfalls! It’s safe to say that I will be retuning sometime in the near future.

Laura Bacharach