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When in Rome...

Over Easter weekend I was lucky enough to spend the holiday in Rome! I had never been to the city before but of course I have heard many amazing things, I was excited to see them for myself. The first day we saw the famous Colosseum and it was as breathtaking as I expected it to be from the outside and then we got to see the inside… seeing something so historical and being able to walk around and explore the whole thing was very eye opening. Since it was Easter weekend there was a festival going on in the Colosseum that expanded through the surrounding streets. There was beautiful music being played, art being painted and food being served for everyone to enjoy. At the end of the day I thought that I had seen what would be my favorite part of Rome, but sure enough the next day I found something I loved even more. My friend and I were strolling the streets early in the morning and as we turned the corner I layed my eyes on what would soon be my favorite thing i’ve seen in all of Europe… the Trevi Fountain. They say when you throw a coin into the fountain and make a wish your wish will come true and you will return to Rome again some day. So of course we each threw a coin in and made a wish! The whole city was filled with positive and exciting vibes and packed with tourists because of the holiday weekend. On Easter Sunday we experienced something very special, we got to see the Pope give mass in the Vatican City. Although there was over 150,000 people there and the Pope was just a small white dot from where we were standing it was very empowering and uplifting to be part of such an amazing thing. The weekend as a whole was everything I expected and so much more, needless to say I did not want to leave on Monday morning!

~Monica Blood