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This past Saturday, JWU had the pleasure of hosting Brown University students to come learn how to bake international desserts with the Pastry Arts Club. Each table is assigned a different dessert and we get to teach the Brown students how to make it.

I helped with it last year and was really excited to do it again. I even saw the people I taught last year and they remembered me so it was cool to see that they remembered me and wanted to come back to do it again.

My group and I made a melktert from South Africa. Other tables were making desserts like green tea mochi balls, cannolis and creme brulees (2 of my personal favorite desserts!) flan, raspberry sacher tortes, and macarons.

It’s a great experience for both schools. It’s nice for Brown students to come see the school and experiment in the kitchen and it’s nice for us to interact with some other students our own age who are studying things like engineering and pre-med and sharing our passion with them.

At the end of the day, we set up a buffet of everyone’s hard work and dig in! Ever since I started my vegan lifestyle, I hadn’t had much pastry or even egg product since I’ve been spending my cheat days eating mostly meat and cheese. Cracking into a cup of creme brulee surely hit the spot!