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Sentiero degli Dei

On the Monday following Easter I had the amazing opportunity to walk along the Sentiero degli Dei, translated to the Path of the Gods. I had heard about this amazing trail from a family member that had recently traveled to Italy and have been intending to go since arriving in Castellamare in March. It was difficult to find a way to Bomerano, where the trail started, via public transportation. Lucky for me however, our awesome tour guide, Audrey, arranged for several of my classmates, our professor, and a few of her friends to take a private bus. The wait was well worth it!

We started our day at 10am, sack lunch included and departed for Bomerano. As we began our way up the trail one of the first things we ran into was a young boy and his pony. (picture below) He informed us that everyday he walked his pony. They sat so peacefully on the side of the hill and I tried to imagine living his life. It was an instant mood boost, I was in love with day already.

The entrance to the path

As we continued along our way we were accompanied by many, many other people, especially families. Audrey told us that it was a popular thing to do the day after Easter. Almost everyone had picnics with them of left over food from the day before. Some even carried tables and chairs and walked along the path until they found a place to settle down and enjoy lunch. We could hear music playing throughout the mountain, traditional southern Italian tunes. The whole scene felt like a celebration and I’ve never been as happy as I was to be a part of it. Everyone was laughing and it almost didn’t seem real how perfect the weather was, and how gorgeous the scenery was, surrounded by families just happy to be with each other. I loved that instead of being at work on a Monday morning, that everyone got to enjoy lunch on the side of a mountain instead….what a life!

The walk was absolutely beautiful. We could see all the way along the coast to the island of Capri. There were flowers everywhere and rosemary bushes which we used to season our lunches. Below is a pictures of a tiny house built into the side of the mountain where goats lived. We hiked up a little higher just to see them up close. Especially Audrey could not have been happier to “meet the little guys.” Towards the end of our trip we even ran into a fresh water stream with water clean enough to drink. I could have sworn it tasted better than any water I’d had before.

We ended our trip in Nocello, a neighboring town to the gorgeous Positano. It was absolutely a picture perfect day and I’m already looking forward to doing it again someday!

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