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Hotel tours in Ravello & Positano - IHTM

Due to my unfortunate ease of getting motion sickness I was glad I decided to take a motion sickness medication prior to leaving for Ravello. To be able to enjoy the absolutely breathtaking views from the bus was amazing.

The first hotel we toured was the Belmond Hotel Caruso in Ravello. One of the leading hotels in the World, it most definitely lives up to its title. Each room has something different about it so even the most frequent of guests here has something to look forward to in every stay.

The most breathtaking pool I have ever laid eyes on. This hotel has an advantage of having their pool high up so there is nothing to cast shade over it, causing the pool to naturally be warm.

Standing next to the pool.

This man was the most important person I have met on this trip so far. The Golden Keys represent such an important part of this industry. It was sincerely an honor to meet him and be able to take a photo with him.

"In 1929, Ferdinand Gillet, head concierge at the Hotel Scribe in Paris, founded Les Clefs d’Or. This association enabled concierges throughout Europe to share ideas with one another. Today, there are 3,000 members in 39 countries. The members wear golden keys in the form of a lapel pin. The common interest of members is to promote friendship so they may better assist international travelers and tourists by developing a hotel fraternity." -people.howstuffworks.com/concierge & aabri.com/manuscripts/08131.pdf

The second hotel tour we took was at the San Pietro hotel in Positano. The hotel lobby was set up in an open landscape layout with couches, tables, and furniture to split up the areas. The lobby was built to show the sea from wherever you sit in the lobby.

Sitting on the largest private balcony in Positano at the hotel San Pietro.

This hotel & location has such beauty to it. It is understandable why celebrities like Rihanna have stayed here.