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An Unexpected Lunch Date

Last Wednesday the group visited the cities of Positano and Ravello for two hotel tours. We started our day at Hotel Caruso in Ravello. This five star hotel had everything I expected a five star to have and more. They had a breath-taking view of the coast from their beautiful terrace right outside of the lobby as well as a sitting area inside that actually felt like a living room with a grand piano that they use during the evening . After touring Hotel Caruso we went on a tour of the town of Ravello. The first place that I walked into was a cute little cameo shop with beautiful rings, necklaces, and bracelets. They had a lot of different pieces that were hand made from coral that were absolutely beautiful. The nice part about this shop though was all the pictures that the owner had in the store of the famous people that had stopped by the shop over the years such as Nicholas Cage, Samuel L. Jackson, and even Hilary Clinton. After some shopping my friend, Jean and I walked around hoping to just find some soup but instead we found a gem at a nearby hotel.

When we walked into this hotel was that it was an older hotel that was not as glamorous as the Hotel Caruso but we figured that they would have a decent restaurant. We got in the elevator and took it up to the restaurant and we were extremely amazed. The restaurant in this hotel had one wall that was just completely filled with windows looking out to the coast. I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing because it was just so clear and so beautiful it was like something that I had never seen before. We were seated right in front of one these grand windows and we just took in the few for a while. Jean and I ended up having a two course lunch. The first course was a little pancake with cheese and balsamic dressing. At first it seemed like a weird combination of foods but it tasted absolutely delicious. For our second course we did indulge a little and we both ordered medium rare steak medallions with a red wine sauce and baked potato wedges. This was the most delicious steak medallion that I ever had because it was so tender and juicy. Jean and I ate our food in silence because we were enjoying the meal and this experience so much that we didn’t even want to talk to one another. The meal came out to around 60 Euro but it was worth every cent because it was such a remarkable experience from the service, the view and especially the food.