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On Wednesday, April 16, 2014, our IHTM group visited two hotels: Hotel Caruso in Ravello and Hotel San Pietro in Positano. Out of the two, my favorite would have had to be Hotel Caruso. Hotel Caruso is a seasonal hotel that opens from April 4 - November 4. Characteristics that stuck out to me about the hotel were that each villa has a view of the water that is right by the hotel, no two rooms are the same (each room gives its own persona), and their attitude of caring not about the operations but more with the staff to create a wonderful stay for their guests. Hotel Caruso has more terraces and gardens than the other nearby hotels and strive to go for the friendly atmosphere by creating a home away from home for their guests. Oh! One of the best features of this hotel is that they have an infinity pool! I’ve only seen pictures of these pools online via Pinterest or Tumblr. Never have I actually seen one! Well rest assured that I did on this day and it was ABSOLUTELY breathtaking! The view that you can get by being in this pool is gorgeous! It feels like you’re floating and are on top of the world!

Our tour guide, Yolanda, told our group that she does not like to think of their hotel as a chain of hotels but a collection. When hearing this, I thought of how the hotel keeps its image of luxury very well. Their future plans is to expand to India, China, and Southern America such as Brazil and Argentina because these countries are the new up and going countries.

If I decided to be VERY adventurous (being the introvert that I am) and decided to move and start a new life in Italy, I would definitely apply for this hotel. Although the hotel was built many many years ago, the management team is very new. Therefore, the hotel’s associates are young and they all have a young and fresh mindset when making decisions about the hotel. That’s exactly what I want!

Needless to say, I very much enjoyed this hotel tour!