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Hey everyone! I have some big news to share with you all! Two weeks ago my team (the Intercollegiate Dressage Association team) hosted its final competition for the spring season, which was also my last show as a senior! Our team ended up riding really well, and came out on top with the highest scores. So we took home first prize in the competition!! Since our team won the show, that put us in first place for the entire season, and we earned a spot at NATIONALS!!

The national competition was held this past weekend in Virginia at Averett University. Although I didn’t get to go, I kept in touch with my teammates all weekend and everyone rode awesome! The horse draws were tough as always, and the riding was competitive, but Johnson & Wales ended up finishing 5th overall, which is fantastic considering the heavy competition!!

As my senior year continues to wind down, I get a little sad thinking back on all the memories, especially those shared with my team throughout the years, but I guess the memories are the best part of college! See ya everyone!