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I am currently staying in Castellammare di Stabia located in the Campania region of southern Italy. On Saturday April 12th my roommate and I decided to venture outside of our little town of Stabia and explore the popular tourist destination of Sorrento. At this point we were in desperate need of American food and we were told Sorrento was the place to go for shopping, fine dining restaurants, and breathtaking sceneries.

After Thirty minutes on the Circumvesuviana train we were in Sorrento ! Posh, but not so much; my first impression was Miami boulevard with way more history and culture which made it very unique. The streets in the day are packed with tourist making their way to all the designer stores, cafes, fine dining local restaurants, and nearby historic sites.

Because Sorrento is located on the coast we knew we would find fresh seafood in just about any restaurant we should step foot in. Seafood and Steak was our main focus for the day. As we were walking around taking it all in we were noticing a lot more limoncello stores than we have ever seen. Being the inquisitive person I am I managed to communicate my question to one of the vendors asking him why are there so many stores selling limoncello. To our surprise we were smack dab in the center of “Limoncello Land” in other words , this region was one of the starting grounds for the production of the popular liquor. At the end of our day we had fresh seafood from a local restaurant located steps away from the fishing port , steak cooked to my liking and Limoncello like no other.

Sorrento is bursting with excitement and a lot more to explore, We have been there twice and we are already planning our next visit before we leave Italy in a month.

Dannielle McKnight