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For the excursion this passed week, we visited the ruins of an Ancient Roman city—Pompeii. It was a lot of fun for me because I’ve heard many stories about Pompeii as I was growing up, and actually standing on the ground of the city was a remarkable experience.

Pompeii was destroyed in 79AD by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, and was covered by 6 meters / 20 feet of volcanic ashes. Pompeii was a commercial town; there is an estimate of more than 1000 stores in the city, representing different types of business back in the Ancient Roman Empire period. However, due to the extravagant cost of excavating the buried city, 33% of Pompeii is still under volcanic ashes, and only a part of the excavated part are available for tourists to visit, other parts are still too fragile for visitors. We visited the basilica, public bath, and amphitheater; we also went up a hill to see the panoramic view of Pompeii. I was amazed by the architecture and interior design of the buildings, they focus so much on both the interior and the exterior of the building, designing each to enhance the atmosphere and making it more useful, and paying a lot of attention to the decoration on both the walls and the ceiling. The Basilica was not used for religious purpose because Pompeii was destroyed before the birth of the Christ; rather it was used as a meeting place for both government and businesses. The visit to the amphitheater was also remarkable; the theater was designed so everyone seated will be able to hear the performance.

Pompeii is a great destination for educational purpose as well as for leisure purpose; the city serves as a great tool for learning history, geography, and culture. During this excursion, I learned more than I could ever ask for, and it was truly an amazing experience.