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Venezia! by Rachel Henry

You may know it as Venice, but its true name in Italian is Venezia (get it right people!). This city on water stole my heart the moment I stepped out of the train station. Its remarkable beauty is evident throughout the entire city, making it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy. In order to get around, my friends and I had to of course take a boat. We purchased passes for the water taxi for a decent price (30 euros for 48 hours). We immediately jumped into the city dazzled by all it had to offer. Two of the most popular items for sale were Venetian Masks and Murano glass. The masks are pieces of art in their own right,truly exemplifying the cities passion for things made by hand, while each piece of the Murano glass was so intricately made, making them all one of a kind. For someone looking for souvenirs to bring home, Venezia is definitely the right place to look. I was able to buy several pieces of Murano glass for relatively cheap (5 euro). Of course some of the larger works were much higher in price, but for a small trinket to bring home it was perfect. Unfortunately we did not have the chance to ride a Gondola, but when I return (which I will) that will be a top priority. Hopefully it will be with my gorgeous Italian husband and our little bambinos. Until next time, Ciao Ragazzi!