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Cantina del Vesuvio

Ciao Ragazzi !!

Though it is my fourth time in Italy, our excursion to the Cantina Del Vesuvio submerged me into the Italian way of life like never before.

On the 28th of March we went to the Cantina Del Vesuvio for lunch and a wine tasting. This vineyard is known for producing the genuine and famous Lacryma Christi (Christ’s Tears) wine. It is located on the slopes of the Vesuvius, which offers a very fertile soil filled with minerals that yield high quality crops.


(Left vines are the white grape vines and on the right the Red grape vines, with the Vesuvius in the background)

The vineyard is located at an altitude that provides the perfect balance of moisture and minerals. Before tasting the wine, the owner, Mauricio, gave us a tour. He showed us the different type of vines; the white grape vines and the red grape vines that they grow on 26 acres. They take pride in producing organic grapes and they recently received the Organic Stamp (which I might add is very difficult to acquire). In front of each row of vines, there is bush of roses, and they can tell by the rose leaves if the grapes are going to be healthy, the presence of parasite and the quantity of moisture in the crops. Rose bushes can tell a lot because it is such a delicate and fragile plant.

Aside from the grapes that they produce they also grow among other produces tomatoes, olives, fennels and apricot. The family business, which was established in 1948, focuses more on quality than quantity. When the grapes are ready, they are picked and pressed the same day to avoid the use of preservatives.

After our tour we headed for lunch in an open and rustic cafeteria. We first tasted a White, which was pared with a sharp provolone, salami, homemade bread (baked that morning), with home made olive oil (made with olives from the vineyard as well) and Bruschetta.


As soon as our glasses were empty, they were filled with the next wine, the Rosé. We could almost immediately taste the minerals in the wine because it was a little bit salty.


Then we had the Red, which was pared with spaghetti and Pomodoro sauce (need I add that the pasta was handmade, as well as the tomato sauce).


The third wine, the Reserve, is a very valuable wine that has been aged in barrels for 18 to 20 months. You could also very much taste the difference; it had a more robust yet sweet taste.


For desert we had wheat berry pie accompanied by the Rosé “frizzante” (Sparkling). To top is off, we had Apricot liqueur as a digestive (that they also grow and make themselves.)

Tutto era delizioso !

At the end of the meal we were able to buy some of their products (wine, olive oil, apricot liqueur) and take those unique and delicious flavors home with us.


We had a 3 course organic lunch and were able to taste a typical Italian meal that will make us salivate every time we will think about it.

3 Words: La Dolce Vita !

Valerie Camille.