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This is my first time in Italy and it is absolutely beautiful. Some of us decided to visit the part of the Amalfi Coast called Sorrento. It was 4 euro and about a half hour train ride on the Circumvesuviana to get to Sorrento. I thought it was extremely interesting that most of the people we came in contact with while here spoke english. They didn’t even let us try to speak Italian. The town is very well traveled-I can only imagine how crowded it must be in the summer. After having a little bite to eat at a restaurant on the water we walked around and enjoyed the local shops. While walking we stopped at a Lemoncello Shop. I had tried Lemoncello for the first time some days before that and was not fond of it but the shop staff gave us 3 different flavors to sample that entirely changed my mind. I was looking at all of the different shaped bottles and how beautiful they all were but one called out to me but I only saw it in two flavors, Lemoncello & Creme di Lemoncello. The third flavor they so kindly let us sample was Meloncello. It was a nice orange color. I was asking the staff if it came in the bottle I wanted, shaped like a sun & moon. To my surprise, one of the staff members said he would make it for me in that bottle. I was thrilled! Not anymore was it just something I was buying but it was especially made for me to buy. It was an experience I will never forget, in a beautiful city I will never forget.

Alexandra Cortese