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Beyonce has made popular the phrase “I woke up like this”, used by the sorority elite, but for the 33 of us here in Castellammare di Stabia, we prefer “I woke up to this.” Referring to our magnificent view of Mt Vesuvius over the Bay of Naples. In case you were wondering, it never gets old.

We actually had the pleasure of climbing Mt. Vesuvius over the weekend. The last eruption was in 1944, and scientists anticipate another eruption within the next 100 years. Researchers closely monitor the activity of Vesuvius to help better predict the date. The fear didn’t stop us from climbing to the top and enjoying lunch amidst the finest view in all of Southern Italy.

The second day we spent in Italy we had the pleasure of exploring Napoli. After eating an uncomfortable amount of pizza, we set out to explore the “Egg Castle” and fancied ourselves with all of the boutiques and negocios (shops). Everyone on the trip knows that the first sentence I learned how to say was “May I take a picture of your child?” We have all seen the photos of absurdly well-dressed toddlers floating about social media, but where do they come from? I’ll tell you.


The most well dressed children hail from the most romantic country in the world. It has become my new passion to photograph these tots and their name brand gear. Stay tuned for more Tumblr Toddlers! Ciao

Gabriella Ferrera