JWU Student Blogs


Week 3 of school starts tomorrow, so I guess it’s time to play a game of catch up!

I’m currently in my last trimester here at JWU and taking my last academic courses. Somehow I still get stuck with waking up early but all my professors are awesome so it’s worth it.

Most importantly, last week was the Spring 2014 Career Fair. I don’t know how it happened so quick but at the career fair I finally got to wear the graduating student sticker. It was my last career fair at JWU and my last DCP presentation as a rep.

I remember being a freshman sitting in the fall presentation way too early for the time I had to be there, and here I was finishing it as a rep after doing 2 CPs and heading on my 3rd. It’s been a lot of fun talking about Disney, running my blogs, networking with the Disney crew, and staying in touch with my Disney friends. And you know, getting free stuff like a laptop case doesn’t hurt either!

I will be returning to Disney in the fall as an intern, and then going on full-time after that. It’s incredible to look back at how JWU has helped shape the last 4 years of my career. Four years ago I was an 18-year-old freshman with no experience. But because of JWU, I landed my first DCP which has only continued to snowball into a job back home, and 2 years and counting with a career at Walt Disney World.

Time to go study for my accounting quiz for tomorrow. Weekends may be 3 days here but they go by fast!