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In the pictures, you will see: a group of us International Hotel and Tourism Management students at the Slow Foods restaurant in Gragnano, Italy, me holding a lemon outside of the pasta factory, and a small view of a villa that is still being excavated from the famous eruption of Mt. Vesuvius that destroyed Pompeii in AD 79. Apparently there is an entire city underneath the ground that has yet to be excavated.

The Slow Foods restaurant has a good concept: fresh food picked/made that very day. Nothing is preserved or altered. However, the service was terrible in my opinion. They did not have enough seating when we arrived and forgot to bring my table our second course entirely. Though they were nice, I would not return. It relates to what I am learning in my International Hospitality Class by showing me what NOT to do in the industry.

At the pasta factory, we were able to see the process of making pasta from scratch; they even showed us how they hand package every bag. It’s a business that has been in the same family since it opened, and I’m beginning to learn that most companies here in Italy operate that way: pass the company down in the family.

Any questions/comments/concerns? Feel free to ask me!