JWU Student Blogs


Hey everyone! Today was the Intercollegiate Dressage Team’s first show of the spring season at the University of Maine at Puckerbrush Farm. The team was second place overall today, with two first place finishes in the Intro and Lower Training divisions, a sixth place finish in Upper Training and a third place finish in First Level.

This is an exciting and perfect beginning to the spring season! Our team has already won four out of the five shows during the fall season. So I’m pretty confident we’re going to take a team of four riders to represent our school at the national competition in Virginia this April! Our team has been riding really well and improving with each and every ride.

This Saturday is our home competition hosted at the Johnson & Wales Equine Center and we always perform out best here. Friday will be an all day event consisting of braiding, bathing and riding all of our horses! It’s always a tiring day, but always worth it in the end! Wish us luck!!