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Castellammare di Stabia

A quick history about Castellammare di Stabia: Castellammare di Stabia was an Ancient Roman town that was engulfed in lava and ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. The city was originally discovered in 1749 but was only completed excavated in 1950. During the excavation, archaeologists found the remains of two ancient civilizations.

Although Castellammare di Stabia is a city, I see it more so as a town. When I walk downtown, I see many locals saying hello to each other, especially with the store and shop owners. The first time I went downtown, I thought my impression of this city being more of a town was because all the people knew each other, were friendly, and nothing seemed fast paced like New York City, which is the closest city near where I live. When I make eye contact with a stranger, I find that they are not afraid to exchange a small greeting with you, which I am not very used to in the States. The culture amongst the people is very friendly, welcoming, and caring. One occurrence that stuck out to me was when my friends and I needed to find a bank, we did not know which way to go. When we tried to ask someone who we passed by the street, he did not know English and so we were not able to understand what he was saying. The man knew that we didn’t understand him and so he walked us to the bank and made sure we were okay. The encounters with different locals afterwards of people trying to help even if they do not speak the language well or recommending what restaurants or pastry shops to try next allows me to open up to the locals and be comfortable around them. I am utilizing this study abroad trip as a way for me to broaden my knowledge and insight of different cultures as an International Hotel & Tourism Management major. Therefore, by going into town and seeing different sites, talking to the locals, and taking advantage of all the opportunities that I can get to know more about not only the city but the people, will help me even when working domestically but with different guests and associates within the hotel.

I can honestly say that within week three, me, an introvert, being comfortable with my surroundings this quickly within the program shocks me but I know that it is all due to the warm culture that the locals bring out within this small city.


My view of Castellammare di Stabia from my bedroom window.