JWU Student Blogs



The top photo is the first chocolate showpiece I ever made here at JWU in freshman Chocolates and Confections.

The bottom two are my last 2 chocolate showpieces made in senior Chocolate Artistry.

They are also that last products I will ever make as a student in JWU Labs. Somehow, 4 years is almost over. I remember coming here for the open house back in December of ‘09, and the new culinary building wasn’t even open for tours yet. The building where I had my first set of labs back in December of ‘10 isn’t even here anymore.

It’s amazing to see how far I’ve come. I never had any experience before coming here to JWU, just baking for friends, family, and my school. I’ve done things like made roses out of things like gumpaste, buttercream, and even bread! I’ve made a wedding cake, made…I don’t know how many loaves of bread, a sugar showpiece and more! All of these things I didn’t know I was capable of doing.

And it’s over! In total I had 4 trimesters of baking labs. I’ve grown as a person and as an aspiring pastry chef.

My last trimester is my last set of business/hospitality classes and then it’s graduation in May, ah!