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Spring Tri Has Begun!

After an amazing break with my family and friends I am so happy to be back in Providence for my last trimester as a sophomore. It is even more exciting because it is spring tri - my ultimate favorite trimester (when the weather is beautiful, everyone is in spring mode, and it just means one step closer to beach and sunnier sun!)

Over break I did lots of eating, shopping, relaxing, and preparing for this amazing trimester ahead of me…even Monday night, the night before classes started, I went to four, yes FOUR, different stores to make sure I had the perfect notebooks and school supplies so I could be as organized as possible for this tri! I’ve always said, when I’m excited about the supplies, I get excited to be organized, which then makes me so excited for classes (kind of dorky, I know :P)

I’m only taking one class this trimester in my major, the rest are general education classes so I will obviously keep this page updated with everything I do in my retail class, Apparel Quality Analysis, as well as how I will be highly (lol) succeeding in my other classes, Microeconomics, Statistics, and Accounting 2!

My sorority is matching with a fraternity on Sunday to celebrate St. Patrick’s day which will be so fun. I will be SURE to post pictures!