JWU Student Blogs


Hey everyone! Sorry for the delayed posts lately, it’s been crazy busy at school and work these past few weeks! Finals time is always so hectic, but the best advice I can give someone, in any major, is to not procrastinate and study the days ahead instead of cramming! Also, it pays to listen to what your professors say is on their final because I ended up getting a 100% on my Qualitative Analysis final! :-)

Since I don’t have work study, I work at the JWU Equine Center over breaks when their normal employees go home for a few days. This break was a little different though because it was my last time working as a JWU employee since I won’t be back there for the summer! Working at that barn has taught me SO much and has made me more passionate for horse care than ever before.

Speaking of horse care, I snagged an interview for a veterinary technician position at Ocean State Equine this Friday! They are an equine vet clinic located in Smithfield, RI, and I’m really excited to hopefully land a job with them! How cool would that be to take all of that knowledge learned from a job like that back to the barn?! Wish me luck on my first “big girl” interview!!