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Goodbye Winter Tri

Winter trimester has been amazing and I am happy to be finished and ready for spring break - I am going to miss my extraordinary classes and how much fun I had in school this trimester (although I’m sure classes are not going to stop being amazing!)

I really was expecting more excitement this week since it was my last busy and hectic week, but surprisingly it was very mellow and a great way to finish off the trimester. In lab this past week I did a whole buying demo which was awesome. Ever since I wanted to be in fashion, I always said I never wanted to be a buyer…but after this project, I am not ready to push it out of the way just yet!

I am leaving tomorrow for spring break which is exciting because I will be updating everyone with any exciting things I do/eat/see…I am going back to New Jersey for half the break and then to Ohio (a temporary move by my parents…thank goodness for the word temporary!) for the other half. So excited for what’s going to come!