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Internship #2 Week 10

ONE WEEK MORE!!! (I don’t know if there are any Les Miserables fans out there, but if you love Les Mis, you read that to a specific tune in your head.)

So in my second to last week of internship we are freaking out about STILL NOT HAVING OUR RAFFLE LICENSE!! We are, however, putting good thoughts out into the universe so the raffle gods grant us our license.

We are getting some fantastic gifts in for our silent auction for Gala. Actually, yesterday we got in a guitar signed by Bon Jovi! How cool is that?! Other examples of great prizes are a Coach bag, a one year membership to a big local gym, signed memorabilia from professional sports players, and so much more. We are super excited about all the wonder gifts people are donating to us and we are confident that these items will help us raise money towards the cause.

Yesterday we went to the storage unit and got a few necessities for Gala including signage, baskets, ribbons, frames, and a few other decorations. We still need to make another visit to get more things because my trunk filled up pretty fast.

I am making lots of phone calls this week trying to get everything straightened out since we are currently one month out until the day of the event.

Tonight I am going to a play with my best friend with tickets that I won at a non-profit leadership seminar I attended in September. It should be a lot of fun!

I hope to end my college career with a bang, so hopefully I will have some good stories for you next week.

Until next time!

Signing out,

Jen :)image

Bon Jovi signed guitar!