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Internship 2 Week 9

Hello All,

It is week 9! Two more weeks of being a college student! Oh the excitement, nerves anxiety, and all those wonderful feelings are hitting me full blast!

This has been a hectic week here at the American Cancer Society office. I have not only been doing internship work, but also student work as my final weeks as a college student approach.

I have had a lot of work to do this week. calling vendors for various needs of our Gala, attending a committee meeting, updating incoming financials, answering tons of emails, and all that fun fundraising stuff.

Unfortunately, my supervisor’s mother is very ill so she has not been in a lot this week. I have had plenty to do without her here, and I am glad that she trusts me to take charge of Gala while she cannot be here.

We still do not have our raffle license approved, but we are keeping our fingers crossed!

This weekend is Valentines Day weekend (YUCK!). Me and my girlfriends are going to get dinner tonight then head back to my house to eat junk food and watch movies and share some laughs. Tomorrow I have work at my part-time job, and then me and a girlfriend are visiting friends at Rutgers University to be their dates for their Fraternity Date Party.

Hopefully next week will be a little less stressful, but hey, stress is part of the job description for an event planner!

Until Next time!

Signing out,

Jen :)