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2 More Weeks!

I am so close to being done with my trimester of Retail Lab and Seminar, as well as the amazing field trips that have been planned this trimester. I have had such great takeaways from all of the field trips we have been on and beside the awesome places we visited in New York, our last field trip, Nordstrom, was the perfect way to end our field trips in my opinion.

At Nordstrom we went over all of the opportunities there are at the retailer as well as in general. Growth was a huge part of the presentation at Nordstrom and they really spoke about how starting at the root at any company is key in retail, as well as everything you do.

These field trips have given me such a backbone in understanding more about retailers in the industry and I am so happy that I have taken this class to experience all that it had to offer. I have never loved a class experience so much and as many retail classes that I have had already, I am now so much more excited for the new ones in my future.

Can’t wait to see what these next two weeks have in-store for me!