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The Power of People

“The only individuals you should be surrounding yourself with are those that challenge your ideas and motivate you to find the next solution.”

I crossed this quote in a book I was reading over the summer. It struck me because as I was ready to embark on my forth and final year at JWU, I realized I couldn’t have done it without the people I surrounded myself with. Every professor, advisor, dean, peer, upperclassman, club president, and so on made slight daily impressions on me that have impacted my decisions. Their actions, dreams, thoughts, ideas, and motivation inspired me to become a better person and achieve bigger and better things.

I am writing of this topic because I hope JWU leaves the same impact on your actions as a genuine person and as a leader in the industry. I also write of this because my current internship often requires me to work from home, without any human interaction. This is one of the most difficult things for me to manage during this internship because the past four years I have achieved great success by associating myself with others that also strive to do their best. It was the power of the people that pushed me to always achieve my best.

So I hope for my other JWU wildcats that you take advantage of every class. Listen to those sometimes boring lectures. Attend that event that sounds remotely interesting to you. Volunteer for that event that supports a cause that’s also dear to you. Sit in on that round table discussion with industry professionals. You never know the people who will be there that will leave lasting impressions to inspire you to do better.

“It is your sole responsibility to inspire, encourage and drive those around you to success.”

Ironically this quote was found in the same book and left the same, if not bigger, impact as the first. So while I continue to send people on tropical vacations at internship I hope you are attending that 7:10 that’s oh so hard to wake up for because you never know who will be there to inspire you, but also, who you will inspire!