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Internship #2 Week 7

Hello All,

This week was FREAK OUT week for me personally. I realized I graduate in 4 weeks and have not been successful in acquiring a full time job yet and it is scaring me!

It’s been a slow week at the office though. For some reason it has just felt like this week is dragging and tomorrow cannot come soon enough. My supervisor has been in a lot of meetings this week so since she’s been so busy, I haven’t had too much to do while I’m here. We are however starting to get response cards in for Gala! It is really exciting getting ticket orders from people who really want to come; it just makes the event seem obtainable and real! We are getting really ecstatic about the event so these next few weeks are going to be stressful, but totally fun.

Like I said, personally this week, I have been stressing out about what is to come after I graduate. I will continue to apply for jobs in hopes that someone will eventually want to hire me. Last weekend I actually took a road trip to Providence to visit my sister and some friends and it was so much fun! This coming weekend I will be working at my part-time job on Saturday and then shopping with some girl friends for outfits or our next trip to AC in two weeks! Sunday is obviously Super Bowl so I will be gaining 40000 lbs with the rest of America by eating junk food. Go Broncos!

Until next time!

Signing out,

Jen :)