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Snow didn't stop us!


Despite another very large sheet of snow that decided to greet us the night before we were leaving for New York City, my fashion class and I managed to get on the road by 9:05 and get into the city perfectly on time for our first appointment with Goods & Services, a new showroom with 10 amazing designers showing their newest and beautiful collections! We met with the owner himself and it was just so inspirational hearing his journey of how he has gotten to where he is today as well as how much he LOVES what he does.

Next stop was Cotton Incorporated (you know, the “Fabric Of Our Lives” commercial with the song that NEVER will get out of your head?!) I learned so unbelievably much there. Who knew that it all started with a few cotton farmers and now they are a GIANT non-profit organization that is so important to the fashion industry?

After that was M&J Trimmings, a remarkable store with every craft “add-on” you can imagine. They even provide trimmings for designers like Betsey Johnson which is so awesome.

Around 5:00 our appointments were done for the day. We headed to the Affinia hotel, right across from Madison Square Garden. After the long day we had we all just fell right onto our beds…for 5 minutes, and then was ready to go take on nightlife in the city! Fortunately for me, my mom was in the city and my sister lives there so I met up with them and went to dinner which was so exciting since I haven’t seen them in 6 weeks!

8:30 was our meeting time the next morning and we had no time to waste (beside a quick run in at Starbucks :P). August Silk’s speaker, Ellen Dawson, showed us all the different lines of the August Silk as well as gave us an amazing speech on reality in the fashion industry, which only made me even more excited to be a working girl in the industry! Ellen also had a spread of coffee and mini muffins…which were delicious and adorable!

And last, but certainly not least, was the beautiful Shoshanna showroom. I think the most amazing takeaway from Shoshanna that affected me was one of the positions that Hannah, one of the newest members of the team, had. Her job was the social media and website coordinator for the company which sounded so amazing and really is one of the many jobs I am interested in the industry.

After Shoshanna was a quick lunch at Pret A Manger and we were back on the road to Providence!

New York as a fashion student was an AMAZING experience and I am so thrilled with how the trip went. The trip only reassured me that I was exactly where I want to be in my life and that I love what I am in school for.

Picture: Goods & Services: middle left, middle right, bottom right. Cotton: middle middle, bottom left. M&J Trimming: bottom middle. August Silk: top middle, top right. Shoshanna: top left.