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Internship #2 Week 6

Hello All!

I hope everyone is staying warm with all of this snow and frigid temperatures! It’s been a short/weird week here at the office. We were closed Monday for the holiday, Tuesday was a half day due to snow, and the office was closed again on Wednesday because of how much snow we got! So yesterday was really my first full day in the office all week.

Yesterday was actually super stressful. There was a lot to do and everything just seemed to have a bunch of obstacles in the way of getting it completed. We went to the township where the Gala is taking place to try to renew our raffle license in order to have our casino event. But there has been so much miscommunication between everyone involved that we weren’t able to renew the license and now were are anxiously waiting to see what happens. Without the license, there is no event and we are all getting a little nervous about what’s going on.

I am hoping next week will be a better/easier week and that everything works out. Although this is frustrating for everyone involved, I am learning so much about the importance of communicating and collaborating properly.

Today I am going to Providence to spend the weekend with my sister and great friends! I am looking forward to being back in the city and to have a lot of fun!

Until next time!

Signing out,