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Next Stop: New York City

Being a Fashion Merchandising & Retail Marketing student at Johnson & Wales is an amazing experience so far but it has really been an unbelievable experience since I started Retail Lab this Winter trimester. Not only am I doing incredible projects and having fun while I am learning TONS of new information about the industry, but along with lab, I am taking Retail Seminar. The most exciting part about this class is the field trips we take. Six weeks into the trimester, the Retail Seminar class goes to New York City to visit showrooms and explore the city and what’s even better is that the 6 week mark has come and my class and I are leaving for NYC on Wednesday…WOO!

Although I’ve been to New York City countless times, I have never been in the city as a student who is ready to learn. I’m so excited to document, share, and post all that I see and do in the city…get excited, I know I am!