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Retail Seminar: Field Trip 3 - FGX Internatinal




Hi Everyone!

My name is Monique and I’m mainly here to tell you guys the exciting things that happen with the Retail Seminar class and the trips we go on.

Being a retail student, part of your major curriculum is retail lab and seminar. They both give you a major feel of the retail industry and daily duties. The biggest part of seminar are the field trips we take to many corporate offices to get a feel of their work environment and everyday duties.

This week we had the opportunity to visit FGX International! Ever heard of the old phrase “who’s that behind those Foster Grants?” with Brooke Shields as their star model? Well it belongs to the major non-prescription reading glasses and sunglasses company. FGXI is ahead of numerous brands like Foster Grant and Magnivision with licenses like Reebox and Revlon (the list certainly goes on). They sell at all price points beginning at Wal-Mart all the way up to Bloomingdale’s.

During our visit to FGXI we had the pleasure of having advertising and brand manager, Salciano, walk us through the exciting world of FGXI. They are on a continuous growing path and strive to get bigger and better everyday. They just sealed a big deal with China this past December; in 2013 they brought in over $450 Million dollars in revenue and to put a spin on the normal office regime, they are able to wear jeans everyday, just as long as they bring in a dollar a day to add to their many charities they contribute to.

P.S. I’ve included some shots of Salciano and FGXI itself.