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Hey Wildcats!

While all of you are enjoying your long weekend, I am taking advantage of the extra time to send emails on emails on emails… and probably more emails! Welcome to the adult life, which consists of a plethora of emails! One thing I’ve learned on this internship is that jobs that required you to work some time at home take extreme dedication and focus, because time is money.

After the new year I have seen a huge change in the busyness of the office; the ladies attribute it to the cold weather and a need to travel to warmer weather! I’m fortunate that the ladies give me such responsibility with the clients they receive. Because they are so well traveled, specifically within the Caribbean, they allow me to express my knowledge of the places I’ve traveled to and help clients looking to go to that area.

One of the fun things I get to do is suggest excursions for clients once their trip is booked. We recently had a couple book a trip to Italy where they would be spending some time in Florence - my favorite city! This past spring, while studying abroad in the South of Italy, my friends and I took a weekend trip to Florence. While we were there I was the unofficial ‘tour guide’ because I’ve visited the city several times and knew my way around pretty well. I was able to suggest to the clients specific places and activities to do off the top of my head. It’s easy to see how information used in one class, for example FSM 2095, is useful for FSM 4060 but in this case my study abroad experience helped me win clients over in real world experiences!

P.S. I wrote a short story when I was in Florence last spring about my experiences as a ‘tour guide’! Read the story here!