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Hello 2014!

Well, winter break has come to a close and all the wildcats are back on campus getting ready for classes to resume tomorrow. I will be returning to my Contemporary Plated Desserts class where apparently tomorrow we will be learning about Asian desserts…interesting.

With the near year in full swing it’s important to note that 2014 is JWU’s centennial year, a very profound accomplishment! When you say you are a graduate of JWU, you have 100 years of fellow graduates, 100 years of history to back up your degree. Cool to think about!

I probably won’t be going home until spring break, my last break in my academic career, ever! My mom and I had to have a chat about my graduation in the car ride up today. Today’s actually my 22nd birthday and with that and all the talk about graduating from college, I all of a sudden feel old! When they say 4 years will go by in the blink of an eye, they mean it!

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday season and here’s for an exciting new year!