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Next stop: Internship!


I hope everyone had a wonderful fall break and the first week of classes started well! I am unfortunately not taking classes this tri but I have the pleasure of completing my last trimester at JWU- ever- on internship! It’s extremely surreal that my college career is coming to an end in three short months but I’ve made the most of my time here so I have nothing to regret! This trimester I am completing my internship at World Wise Travel in Seekonk, MA. It’s a small agency that specializes in selling Sandals and Beaches trips to newlyweds for their honeymoon. I am helping out in all aspects of business at the agency but I’m specifically focusing on the marketing. As a International Hotel & Tourism Management major (I’ll frequently refer to it as IHTM), there are so many industries that we can directly relate our degree to. Because hotels are so plentiful and it takes a great army to run one hotel, it’s extremely easy to start working and get caught up in the life of a hotel. I was on the track to do just that but I’ve always wanted to work in the travel side of things and this is a great opportunity to do just that! If I’ve learned one thing from my internship thus far is that the skills you learn at one job or internship can and will ultimately be useful and set you apart on the next lag of your journey. Follow my trip to see where I land at the end of my JWU career!