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Internship #2 Week 2

Hello All!

So this week was not too busy here at the American Cancer Society. I’ve been applying for in-kind for silent auction gifts, and have been doing a lot of small detail things. For example, I approved the engravings for the awards for this year’s Gala Honorees and proof read the invitation and the poster for printing. I have also been trying to come up with creative ideas to make this year’s raffle more of a success.

On Wednesday I attended a seminar for leadership in the Fundraising world. It was a great learning experience! I got lots of ideas for raising money at events in a fun and different way. It was great being in a place filled with people who share my love of the non-profits world and trying to make a difference. The keynote speaker was AMAZING! He made everyone feel inspired and warm, while giving us all a good laugh.

Today I was in charge of running a meeting for the silent auction committee of our gala team. It was a great meeting and everyone brought a lot of great ideas to the table. Hopefully we can make good use of those ideas and can find people willing to donate to the cause!

This past weekend was great! I went up to Providence to see my sister and a couple of close friends! I had a fantastic time and it was a relief to just let go and act like a 21 year old again! After working 35 hours a week and having the responsibilities of living back home I sometimes feel like a middle aged woman, so it was nice to finally act my age again. This upcoming weekend is pretty quiet. I am working a few hours at my part time job and then I may go see a movie with a couple of friends, but that’s it.

Keep warm and safe in this winter weather everyone!

Until next time!

Signing out!

Jen :)